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  • Sanitas Dental Milenium

    The dental insurance that you can use in all Milenium Dental Clinics from € 7.70 / month per insured to which the Insurance Compensation Consortium surcharge will be applied (0.15% of the annual net premium). These premiums are exclusively for new insured persons. The insurance includes more than 40 services free of charge subject to contracting. Treatments with discounts of up to 40% compared to the price you would pay if you are not insured by Sanitas.


    You can hire dental insurance Sanitas or uninsured.

    Children under 6 years old do not pay a premium as long as they are included in the policy of one of the parents.


    Premiums exclusively addressed to new insured persons. Net monthly premiums per insured to which the Insurance Compensation Consortium surcharge will apply (0.15% of the annual net premium). In the co-payment modality, a € 3 co-payment per visit day will be paid regardless of the number of services rendered during the visit and without prejudice to the amounts that may correspond in terms of fees depending on the services performed during the visit. query.


    Discount of € 50 applicable to any treatment whose amount exceeds € 200 in Dental Centers. Discount applicable on the rates corresponding to the Sanitas insurance contracted. Treatments subject to medical prescription.

    1 month free promotion applicable to dental products. Said policies will benefit from a net premium without cost in the monthly payment corresponding to the 8th month from the date of contracting the policy. Promotion subject to the payment of the premium and the validity of the policy for one year. Not combinable with other promotions.

    Family pack of 3 to 6 insured: Net monthly premium for policies in which 3 to 6 insured are included. Said policies may include up to a maximum of 12 insured persons. The insured included in the pack must be relatives of the first-degree taker or live with him at the same address. To be able to contract this product at least the first three insured included in the policy must be older than 6 years.


    Discounts applicable to the dental rates corresponding to said treatments and in force during the second annuity of the contracted policy. Subject to the renewal of the policy, to the maintenance of the same insured and who is up to date with the payment of the premium. Not combinable with other promotions.

    10% additional discount in orthodontics, whitening and osseointegrated implant not being extended to implant prostheses (crowns).

    5% additional discount on the specialties of endodontics, periodontics and conservative dentistry.

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